Alexandreia short film fest 2021
116 7.IASFF prosklisi

Le quattro serate di cinema en plein air, programmate con cadenza quindicinale presso la terrazza adiacente la sede dell’Artemis a Platanos, si inaugurano sabato 25 giugno alle 21:00 con sei cortometraggi presentati al VII festival internazionale di Alexandreia.
Le pellicole sono in lingua originale sottotitolate in greco.



Moon Drops | Φεγγαρόσταγμα, Yoram Ever-Hadani – Israel/Serbia, 2018 – 16:00
Moon Drops is a magical fairy tale with no dialogues.  A factory worker tired of his dead-end job, assembles an enigmatic machine that produces liquid drops from the moonlight. The bottled drops are a hard sell at the town market. But all changes when their surprising effect is revealed

Un monde sans crise | Ένας κόσμος χωρίς κρίση,
Ted Hardy-Carnac – France, 2020 – 20:00
Emilie is struggling in life. After numerous unsuccessful interviews, the lively but clumsy 30 year-old finds herself under a great deal of social pressure and fears to lose her home. Naturally she has high hopes when she is called in for a new interview, but in this future society that plays by slightly different rules, nothing goes as planned.

Split Apart | Διχασμένος,
Zina Papadopoulou, Petros Papadopoulos – Greece, 2020 – 13:00
In a single-tone, vertical city, a lonely man. He stands out as he stands out from his selves. Divided, split. Trying to fit in, to synchronize with himself… when love comes knocking on his door.

Shhhh | Σουςςςς, Jonathan Mordechay – Israel, 2019 – 12:48
It was supposed to be just another ordinary evening for the couple who had a cute baby not long ago. The father is just coming from work, the mother will get up to heat the food but most importantly – do not wake up the baby who just falls asleep because things can go wrong beyond imagination.

Pile Poil | Παρά τρίχα,
Lauriane Escaffre, Yvonnick Muller – France, 2018 – 20:00
[AUDIENCE AWARD] Elodie spends her free time helping her father at his butcher shop, even though her beauty school exam is a few days away and she desperately needs a model for the waxing portion of the test.

Iro /he.roː/ | Ηρώ,
Alexis Koukias-Pantelis – Greece, 2020 – 14:45<
A young girl, her mom and a super hero set off on a journey towards Lake Stymphalia.


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