International Alexandria Short Film Fest 2022


Proponiamo una selezione dei cortometraggi presentati all’VIII International Short Film Festival di Alexandria, tra i quali i vincitori dei quattro principali premi assegnati e la sezione Focus on environment. I filmati provengono da numerosi Paesi e sono in lingua originale e sottotitolati in greco.

La serata di “cinema open air” inaugura sabato 10 giugno 2023 alle 21:00 la serie di incontri con il cortometraggio contemporaneo Moonlight cinema_2023 organizzati a Leros presso la terrazza adiacente la sede dell’Artemis a Platanos.


Store policy, Sarah Arnold – France, 16:58
[Best foreign movie Award, Audience Award]

Lea works in an empty and cold environment. Soon will discover the underlying violence of the workplace. Modern work nightmare, a consequence of the world neoliberal political ideology.

In the room, Yeorgia M. Sotirchou – Greece, 13:47
[Best Greek movie Award]

When god is absent, someone has to take his place. In a modern day urban environment, three characters come together: an old ill man, the young woman who looks after him and his unemployed middle-aged daughter, all face the fine line that separates ethics and freewill.

2030, Pierre Dugowson – France, 08:22
[Best environment movie Award]

November 2030, and inside the classroom the temperature reaches 48°C, it is impossible to have a lesson.

Fairyocious, Fabien Ara – France, 13:21
[Best scenario Award]

Alma’s 8-year-old son wants to dress up as a fairy to go to school. She doesn’t know how to react. A pleasant, challenging and provocative comedy, which poses the hard questions that make parents feel uncomfortable.

T’embrasser sur le miel, Khalil Cherti – France, 19:40

Siwan lives somewhere in Syria. Rawad live somewhere else in Syria. Despites the chaos, they have decided to communicated with each others through videos. By discovering the films they made to each other, it’s their meeting and their world that we gonna discover. A dancing confession like a theatre play but with innovative cinematic style and narrative.

Now that Spring is Here, Christina Garbi – Greece, 05:10
[Special mention]

On an urban beach, K. watches the sun rise. When an unusual visitor approaches her, her life will change forever. A movie without words about people who are constantly looking for something.

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