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with the 2nd Italian festival - 10 shorts around the world -, initiative of the National Short Film Centre in collaboration with the Foreign Ministry for the release, through Embassies and Cultural Institutes in all the world, of a selection of most recent and representative movies.

In Greece, the festival will be screened in seven place by the Italo-Hellenic Cultural Cooperation Net, thanks to specific request of AIAL in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute of Athens.

The short films are split in two evenings (1h15’ each), Thursday 27th and Friday 28th July at 9 pm, on the terrace of Artemis association in Platanos.

Free entry, and due to logistic reasons, thanks to be on time to not disturb the screening.


[official trailers]

thumb 71 Buffet     



       Buffet, A. D'Ambrosi & S. de Santis, 2016 – 18’



thumb 71 Amira     


      Amira, Luca Lepone, 2016 – 9’




thumb 71 Rosa     


      Rosa, Vincenzo Caricari, 2016 – 25’




thumb 71 BlackComedy     


      Black comedy, Luigi Pane, 2015 – 15’




71 Estinguersi     


      Estinguersi, Giulio Rocca, 2015 – 13’





thumb 71 Agata



      Agata, Giacomo Boeri, 2016 – 15’




thumb 71 L.ultimaOrazione   



       L'ultima orazione, Gustav Baldassini, 2016 – 16’



thumb 71 LaViaggiatrice   



       La viaggiatrice, Davide Vigore, 2016 – 15’



thumb 71 Gibberish     



       Gibberish, Nathalie Biancheri, 2016 – 12’



thumb 71 L.ultimaNicchia   



        L'ultima nicchia, Chiara Nano, 2016 – 26’ 







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